How Much Does An Interlocking Driveway Cost In Toronto?

How Much Does An Interlocking Driveway Cost In Toronto?

Thinking of installing an interlocking driveway? There are plenty of considerations besides just how much an interlocking driveway costs in Toronto, and we’ve decided to have the most pressing issues along with some quotations to get you started. In general, and as with any other project, you should have a budget figure set on your mind to help with making the decision to go forward or ask for second opinions when quotations start flowing in.

The cost estimates included in the body below will be obtuse to your style preferences and size of patch that you desire to have a driveway cast over. Inferring with case studies and extrapolating to your situation could help you get a good picture of the project before it begins.

To start off, let’s look at what exactly you’ll be charged for when you mention the project description to a capable contractor.

Breaking Down Driveway Costs

The obvious, and somewhat controllable fee when it comes to the installation of driveways, whichever type you will select, will have to be the manpower cost. A team of handymen will have to be on site to dig the workspace along with layering each stratum of the driveway as the project progresses. On average, you should be looking at around $50 for each hour working on site.

Is it worth it? Well, here are a few reasons why more homeowners are installing fresh driveways or at the very least investing in the refurbishment of theirs.

Water drainage

Driveways are capable of throwing away rainwater from the front of your property. Specially built units will have pipes and gradients included so that water seldom sits when the rain pours. It may cost a little more to have this type of driveway installed, but the convenience that comes with a passively automated water drainage system would benefit you way more in the long run.

Vehicle support

Consider a natural sand ground layer on which your car rests when you park in front of your house unless your doormat catches all sticky grass, snow, and sand (mud sometimes) that collects outside, brings all into the house from under your shoes. An unsupported base sinks in over time and will cause problems not limited to the collection of precipitation and being a health hard (you or your loved ones could trip and fall due to a depression in the ground).

Beautifies The Property

Curb appeal improves significantly when a well-constructed driveway leads vehicles from the road onto your property. There are various driveway designs that can turn a boring path into a work of art with random patterns and different material textures that without a doubt will make your house a highlight on the block. Given that driveways can go for over ten years without the need to redo the surfacing, they are a durable option should you be looking for a refreshing outward look for your house.

Adds Value To The Property

Apart from the fact that beautiful houses cost more than dull and overly simplified homes, the driveway itself comes with a return on investment that you can cash out when selling the property. Containing all the anatomical detailing similar to that of your house, they too are part and parcel of the entire building, adding total appreciable space covered by your property.


Types Of Interlocking Driveways

Each variation of finish and construction method result in totally distinct driveways, inheriting different names for the corresponding methods and materials used. To provide a glimpse into how each of the methods leads to a different final invoice total, we’re going to dig into a few driveways. This should provide the basic information required when picking out the type you want along with the cost expectation attached.

Interlocking Grass Driveway Pricing

As you may have picked up from the name, this driveway contains significant amounts of naturally occurring grass as a construction material. Great for areas with bad drainage, the soil beneath the grass quickly sucks any moisture from the top into pipes paid to throw off elsewhere. The grass can be set between supporting structures such as moulded plastic of contrasting colour (a white to green blend) to improve the visual appearance of your driveway. 

Expect to spend a little less than a thousand (CAD$1,000) for a good installation job as the sweat cost, and double that for the best quality materials. 

It is an investment worth considering and with a moderately aggressive ROI compared to other options expanded on below. Keeping with the green theme, reducing your carbon footprint using natural grass will most probably earn you some rebate for participating in the initiative to save the planet. Consult with your local administration for advice and benefits.

Interlocking Cobblestone Driveway Cost

A decent cobblestone driveway should cost you not less than CAD$1,500. At this price, you’d have paid for both the manual and material elements of the process. If you’re going to look upper-market compared to your neighbours, a few more hundreds to the cost will get you more attention to detail such as custom patterns or added polishing of the slabs. Make sure to ask your contractor for these additional options as some do include them with the package.

Having installed a cobblestone driveway, you are guaranteed that your driveway will last decades in place before weather exposure traits start showing. Maintaining a cobblestone interlocking driveway is not a tiresome task, and should be necessary if only weeds start sprouting between the joints. Projected maintenance costs shouldn’t blow past a few hundred dollars every year for someone to manually remove weeds and press down any buckling components, although the latter is not expected for the first score of years.

Concrete Slab Topping Driveway Cost

Assuming your property stands on a firm foundation, concrete ought to be the dominating structure of all that footing. Being a very durable finish, concrete is very commonly selected by homeowners as their interlocking driveway top. To install concrete slabs, expect to spend no less than CAD$4000 (contractor dependent value) in total. Concrete moulds can be used to make unique shapes for the interlocking slabs, something you could ask directly from the contractor you settle for. Usually, there are premade slabs that will be fitted together to form your driveway, expect a different price when you go the custom route. 

Concrete comes with a lot of advantages when used as the driveway material. 

To mention a few;

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