How to Hire an Interlocking Stone Driveway Company in Oakville

Do you have a boring driveway? We have the perfect solution for you – interlocking stone driveway!

Why interlocking stones? Because your driveway deserves an aesthetically appealing look! It enhances the overall quality and value of your driveway. Commonly made using concrete or cement, it mimics the effect of bricks in your pathway. And not only that, it gives you the creative freedom to design your driveway however you want. It comes in different colours, designs, shapes, and sizes, making it easier to achieve your dream driveway.

Not convinced yet? Aside from putting aside the boring, beautifying your driveway with interlocking stones has many benefits. It is very durable, much more so than concrete or asphalt. It does not crack easily, is several times stronger, and can withstand more weight than its counterparts. It is basically the superman that’ll protect your driveways. Another benefit of interlocking stones is its relatively easy and low-cost repair. If a single stone was damaged, you just have to replace that one stone. No need to overhaul the whole driveway.

However, if you are already planning to install one yourself, let us warn you – you will only reap these benefits if your interlocking stone driveway is installed by a professional. Here are some reasons why.



Why should you hire a professional?

You may think that installing this is as simple as laying stone after stone and won’t take much time. But there is a process in doing this. First, you must have the knowledge to navigate the tools needed. Second, you must have a concrete design plan. And third, you must know how to prepare the ground for installation. Without prior knowledge on that, you can just potentially ruin your driveway. A damaged driveway means more work for you.

Another reason why you should hire a professional is that they can provide you with limitless design options. If you do it yourself, you most likely will not be able to create intricate designs or patterns. You’d probably settle for a straight-edged and common design.

And the most important of all, don’t let your optimism or disillusion cost you thousands of dollars. Wasted money and hours of lost time will only give you unnecessary headaches. You have better things to do. On the other hand, a trained eye will be able to give you the most cost-efficient result at a faster rate.

Now that we’ve convinced you into hiring a professional, let us now discuss the best way to hire an interlocking stone driveway company in Oakville.


How to Pick the Best Interlocking Stone Driveway Company in Oakville?

The best way to select the right interlocking stone driveway company is to do your research. And we don’t just mean Google! Yes, Google may help in locating companies closest to you in Oakville, but you also have to ask smart questions. Asking the right questions will guarantee the success of the project and will help you sift through the quality of the companies you’ve found.

1) Is the company licensed?

Most states require professional contractors to hold a valid license and certifications.  This is the case for Oakville, as well. Companies without these documents cannot be trusted.

Request for proof of their license and verify its validity before hiring them. You may also conduct your own background check on the company. Check the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services’ Consumer Beware List to see if they have committed any violations or have any impending complaints. You may also take a look at their previous clients’ online reviews. This way, you can make sure that you will be hiring a credible and reputable company.

2) How many years have they been in the business?

By establishing the length of their expertise, you will be able to gauge their reputation. A company that lasted for years means that they have served their customers well. It is a great representation of the community’s trust in them.

Asking this can also help you identify their specific set of skills. From there, you can evaluate if their skills are appropriate for the project. Remember, with time comes experience, so ask them about the previous work they’ve accomplished – be it residential or commercial.

3) Will there be a warranty?

Make sure to ask this question. If a company does not provide a warranty, it is not worth your time. Warranties can ensure your driveways in case of damage.

No warranty means that the company is not confident with their work. Furthermore, it gives the impression that they will provide you with a lopsided quality of driveway. Any reputable and trustworthy company has complete faith in their work. So, they will readily provide you with the warranty you need.

4) Will they help design the project?

Based on your initial meeting, the company must be able to provide a concrete step by step plan and detailed design. By doing this, you will be able to visualize how your driveway will look like after completion and, at the same time, ask informed questions about the project’s progress.

5) Is maintenance included?

The most ideal interlocking stone driveway companies provide yearly maintenance. This way, you can have your driveway regularly checked for any damages or signs of wearing. If the company offers maintenance, ask them about the cost and schedule, as well. Some maintenance is covered by the company’s warranty.

6) Who is their supplier?

It is best if the company you hire gets its supplies locally. Aside from contributing to the local economy, using local suppliers from Oakville will also provide a higher quality of materials and, in turn, will cost less in the long run.

7) Can they provide a timeline?

The company you choose must be able to provide a reasonable schedule for the project. You should know when and what time they will start working. And at the same time, when construction will be finished. This way, you can ensure that they will finish the work on time, and you are getting your money’s worth.

8) Can they provide cost estimates?

You should know how much the installation costs. You can’t be kept in the dark about the payment terms because aside from the fact that you are paying for it, you would want to avoid being told about rather “unknown” extra costs. Also, you will be able to get the best deal within the range of your budget. And if the opportunity allows, maybe you can haggle too.

With those smart questions, you’re on your way to picking the best interlocking stone driveway company in Oakville. But to give an additional boost in your company hunting, here is a list of some notable interlocking businesses in Oakville.


Some notable companies to hire in the Oakville Area:

1. Delta Home Renovations

If you want to turn your boring driveway into an intricately beautiful piece of art, Delta is the right one to call. They will beautify your driveway with your desired pattern, design, and style.

Services Offered:

  • Interlock stone driveway installation
  • Interlock walkway installation

2. Mark Stone Landscaping 

If you want a free no-obligation consultation, Mark Stone Landscaping is your best bet. They can schedule you an appointment immediately to discuss your driveway vision and turn it into reality. The best part? It’s free!

Services offered:

  • Interlocking Stone Driveway Installation
  • Concrete Driveway Installation
  • Landscaping
  • Driveway Extention

3. JMC Concrete and Interlocking Ltd

If you want proven expertise, JMC Concrete and Interlocking Ltd is the key. With more than 30 years of experience, they have served thousands of happy clients. Aside from driveways, they also create customized walkways, patios, garage floors, porches, French curbs, paving and retaining walls.

Services offered:

  • Interlocking stone driveway installation
  • Interlocking walkway installation
  • Interlocking patio installation
  • Interlocking steps installation

4. Agmec 

If you want quality craftsmanship, Agmec is the best choice for you. They can create grand designs for your driveways, made with only the highest quality of materials. And to give an additional aesthetic value to your home, the company also offers landscaping services.

Services Offered:

  • Polymeric sand application
  • Interlock driveway installation
  • Customized interlock design
  • Landscaping services

5. Walton Interlock & Paving Ltd

If you want to give your driveway a personalized look, Walton Interlock & Paving Ltd can help you. They offer a variety of interlocking designs that will make your home stand out from the rest. Aside from their interlocking services, they also offer repairs and replacements for your walkway and pavement.

Services Offered:

  • Driveway Paving
  • Driveway Extension
  • Walkway services
  • Pavement services

From deciding to spice up your boring or dilapidated driveway, to deciding to hire a professional, to picking the best interlocking stone driveway companies in Oakville, this comprehensive guide has taught you the ins and outs of interlock stones.

To keep the exterior of your home as grand and as beautiful as its interior, you’ll need to start choosing and hiring the right professionals. Remember, the exterior of your home serves as the first impression of any passerby and more so for your guests. It can make or break your home’s entire look within a few seconds of the first contact. So start applying these tips and tricks now and you’re bound to have the driveway of your dreams.


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