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At Delta Classic Homes, we specialize in designing custom interlock and landscape solutions for your home or business. Whether it is a beautiful driveway or walkway you are seeking, interlocking bricks may be the best choice for you. Choose from any shape, pattern, or size of paving stones to deliver the desired look for your project. We offer numerous shapes and sizes for driveways including straight lines for a formal look, and round or meandering patterns to provide a more relaxing atmosphere. When you hire us to install your interlocking pavers, we will first come to look at your project to see what best suits your design, style, layout and functionality of the space.

Our team of highly skilled interlocking experts will guarantee 100% satisfaction and even back that up with a 5-year warranty. Our 24 years of hands-on experience ensure a professional, maintenance-free solution at substantially lower prices than our competitors. We are available six days a week and pride ourselves on offering our customers immediate support.

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Our Process

In order to ensure a successful interlocking project, we follow a proven process, listed below, that will produce the best results for our customers.

Dig down to allow for a 8-inch, compressed gravel base
Put in edging restraints to hold the bricks in place
Put a layer of bedding sand for the pavers to rest on
Lay bricks in the designed pattern
Compact the entire area
Add mason sand to forge a tight bond between the edging and the bricks
Backfill around the edges
Blow out ¼ inch of sand from the cracks so that sand doesn’t end up on the paving stones when it rains
Clean up to allow for immediate usage

Throughout the entire process, compacting of the interlocking bricks is done numerous times to ensure that the bricks will not move or settle over time. Once we have completed the product, you will have a level driveway that will provide many years of use.

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